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This week we head to Wisconsin! Our first stop in Plymouth, WI where we learned about cheese making at the Cheese Counter Dairy Heritage Center…so much yummy cheese! Plymouth had some pretty amazing murals throughout the town too.  We let the kids use the walking tour map as a “scavenger hunt” to find all of the murals!

 There’s more than cheese in Wisconsin (but we love the cheese too!)

Next stop,  the Wisconsin Dells!  The Dells was an unique area full of touristy activities.  We went on the Duck Boat tour and call us cheesy but we loved this amphibious excursion!  After visiting pictured rock in Michigan the rock formations here were not as impressive but it was still a fun tour and we saw some pretty scenery too! 

 Along with attractions like waterparks, theme parks, theaters and arcades there were also so many restaurants to choose from!  Becca was in heaven when we visited “Mac’s” an entire restaurant dedicated to Macaroni and Cheese.  Each dish was served in its own cast iron skillet and it was some of the best mac and cheese I’ve every had!  For those that know us, Friday night has become a “pizza night” tradition in our family and after seeing the pizza delivery trucks, we had to visit Moose Jaw Pizza!  The delivery trucks looked like they had a moose strapped to the top!  However, our favorite place was the Grateful Shed!  This huge build had several stationary food trucks set up in side with lots of unique seating (like dining in sky high Greyhound bus or a retro VW bus!) and the food was really great!

Watch the video to see if you can see cousin Eddie!

 We stayed at the American Resort which while it had some unique amenities like a Natural Lagoon pool, it was not the best campground.  However, we made the most of our stay by visit a wild life preserve where the kids got to have the amazing experience of holding a baby kangaroo!  It was only 6 months old and soooo soft! 

 Oh and be sure to check out our biology lesson at the end!