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Next stop… Kalamazoo, Michigan! When we first started planning our route, we knew Kalamazoo would be a stop as we have some family in the area. What we didn’t know was how nice the RV park would be or how perfect the location would be for biking! We could have explored all the paved biking paths for weeks and the mountain biking just outside the campground was amazing! 

 Fantastic Mountain Biking in Michigan?? 

Whether you enjoy biking off road or on paved trails, there are plenty of options to choose from.  We stayed at Markin Glen county park on the North side of Kalamazoo.  The park’s campground was simply perfect. All of the RV spots had large concrete pads, raised fire pits and well maintained grassy areas.  Each site had full-hookups including sewer, which if you camp much you know that finding campsites in parks is a rare find.  If there was a negative it would be that the shower house and bathrooms had a limited number of stalls in each but as long as you have your own facilities that’s not really a big negative. 

 Top Notch City Park Campground

The campground is situated within the park and has easy access to all of the parks amenities which include playgrounds, a small lake with a beach area, paved walking/biking paths, tennis courts as well as many others.  The biking paths in the park are also connected to a larger biking path system that runs throughout Kalamazoo.  Biking was a major attraction for our family just across the street there is a meticulously maintained mountain bike trail… one word to describe it… FANTASTIC!  Jake was so ate up with trail that he probably road the 2.5 mile loop 13 times during our stay.  We learned after our first loop that the trail really wasn’t for beginners, our Becca conquered that trail and was determined to finish despite a couple crashes.  While we didn’t push her to finish, we were so proud that she jumped back on her bike and stuck with it.  Way to go Becca!!!