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The decision to live in a camper did not come overnight.  There were countless hours, days, months of planning that went into this decision.  What started off as a retirement adventure and “someday” dream, slowly but surely turned into our right now reality. 

In this very first video, we share what our thoughts were after we finally committed to moving into our RV and living a life of full-time travel; what we are most excited to see, what our initial travel plans are.  Oh, and we purchase our new camper!  So exciting! 

On the Thrive In Drive blog and YouTube Channel we will be sharing our adventures with you, our favorites from the places we visit and what it’s like four a family of 4 plus a dog to live in a camper full-time.  We are on a quest to make the most of each day, relish in all of the family time and truly Thrive in drive. 

We hope you’ll join us on this journey and share in major shifting of gears.  And if you’re curious about how we got started, why in the world we would want to move into a camper, or the places we visit, please send us your questions and comments below or on the YouTube videos.  We want to hear from you and truly appreciate that you’re checking out what we we’re doing!