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We wanted more..

Life was busy and days were quick.  Too quick.  We were watching our time with our kids slip through our fingers.  We simply wanted more.  More quality time as a family, more freedom, more adventure.   So we bought an RV and set out to Thrive in Drive. 



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How we became Nomads..

Hi Friends!

We’re  Scott & Andi Johnson, the couple behind the wheel of Thrive In Drive! In 2019 we made the leap to full-time RV travel with our two kids, Jake and Becca and our crazy dog, Bear. 

We had been seeking financial freedom and more family time probably since the day our oldest was born.  However, it always seemed just out of reach.  When our oldest turned 10 and we were discussing possible options for Spring Break trips, reality hit me like a ton of bricks: Jake is 10, that means we only have 8 more Spring Breaks, 8 more summers…EIGHT.   And Becca wouldn’t be far behind.  What about all the places we wanted to take the kids?  What about those epic family road trips to the Grand Canyon and Yellowstone? 

How were we going to squeeze it all in? 

The truth was we wouldn’t, we couldn’t.

 Meanwhile, my husbands job, one that was supposed to give us more family time (we lived at a summer camp), was way more demanding than we ever imagined and we had less, not more, time together as a family.  His busy season was during summer break which meant quality family time would be confined to spring and fall breaks.  8 more years of 2 weeks of vacation with the kids?

That’s it?  There had to be more.


So we started dreaming and eventually that led us to full-time RV travel.   Here on Thrive in Drive we  share our travel adventures (and misadventures) as a family, what life is like on the road and how to get started, if this nomadic lifestyle is something that interests you. 

We hope you’ll join us on this journey and we hope you’ll see us soon!

 Andi & Scott

Recent Travels

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Diggin’ the Dells!

Diggin’ the Dells!

This week we head to Wisconsin! Our first stop in Plymouth, WI where we learned about cheese making at the Cheese Counter Dairy Heritage much yummy cheese! Plymouth had some pretty amazing murals throughout the town too.  We let the kids use the walking...

Is this really Michigan????

Is this really Michigan????

Michigan keeps surprising us! In this video we leave Kalamazoo and head over to Holland and stay within walking distance to the beach on the shores of Lake Michigan.  While in Holland, we learn about this city's rich history and visit and authentic Dutch windmill! ...

We Are Going to Michigan?

We Are Going to Michigan?

Next stop... Kalamazoo, Michigan! When we first started planning our route, we knew Kalamazoo would be a stop as we have some family in the area. What we didn't know was how nice the RV park would be or how perfect the location would be for biking! We could have...