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Camper purchase? …..Check. 
Route planned? ……….Check. 
Moving into the camper?…. 

So, how did we fit everything in our camper? We didn’t!!! We listed some items on Facebook Marketplace, sold our mini-van to friend who needed a new car, had a yard sale and then donated bags  trailer loads of stuff.  By the time we were done we estimated that we eliminated of about 75% of our stuff. Seventy-five percent! 

In this episode you’ll get to see the messiness of downsizing.  Despite all of my careful planning and meticulous whiteboard to-do list, getting rid of so much stuff in just 3 months was crazy, hectic and needless to say a little bit stressful.  Yes, it was a little sad to see our stuff go, but at the same time it was pretty liberating.  The more we got rid of the less we had to worry about.  

But aside from just getting rid of stuff, we also had to make some new purchases to fit with our new adventures.  We knew we would be doing plenty of biking.  We all love to bike and try to do so on each vacation but the truth was our bikes were long over do for an upgrade.  Good thing our brother-in-law manages a bike shop, he hooked us up with some amazing bikes! 

 Can’t wait to ride!